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Georgia Duncan

An exciting introduction in Creative Conversations today, as we introduce you to Eliza O’Sullivan. Eliza is a Melbourne based designer, who studied Textile Design at RMIT. After years of designing for household-known companies, she started her textiles company Mosey Me and creates the gorgeous masterpieces out of her Brunswick studio. Her main port of call at the moment is table linen and tea towels, but she imagines expanding into all sorts of other textiles and homewares, bedding and other soft furnishings. She describes her line of work as being ‘really fun, I love it’ – that in itself seems to inspire me.


All of her linens are created in Melbourne. After she has designed them, they are printed in Abbotsford. Her designs are bold and a lot of fun, and are said to be a ‘natural extension’ of Eliza, herself. She says she most certainly does not want to be mass produced, nor will her designs run in seasons.

These designs will last, until their older sister and brother designs take over.

Sit back, and enjoy todays intriguing chat!

“I’ve always been designing and it was always my plan to have my own business one day, and I always knew it would be homewares. It’s funny how certain I was of this.”

What is your background?

I left finished school in 2005, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do I enrolled in a year Brighton Bay which is a year 13 of art design and photography, which I absolutely loved. From there a teacher had noticed my work and suggested I look into textiles so I applied for that in 2007 and got in. I completed my Bachelor of Art in Textile Design in 2009 I have pretty much been working full time as a textile designer since then. 

Did your background lead you on the Mosey Me path?

Yes, I’ve always been designing and it was always my plan to have my own business one day, and I always knew it would be homewares. It’s funny how certain I was of this. I love fashion and it’s a huge influence to me but from a design and personality perspective I’m much more suited to homewares.

Who inspires you / Who do you admire?

Solange Knowles – her impeccable taste for everything is inspiring to me and her music and film clips are heaven.

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy from Dinosaur Designs – I’ve always admired their business and how it’s led with pure creativity.

Modern interiors and architecture – I love the shapes that can come from studying pictures of a building or interior, a lot of my prints have started from replicating the shapes and forms that come from doing this.

Fashion and Style – huge inspirations to me, I like to picture the girl I’m designing for. I know exactly what she would wear. 

I’m also very lucky to have such creative and supportive family and friends. 

Have you always loved interiors?

Yes, I’m a Libran and one of our traits which can also be viewed as negative or superficial is beauty. I very much believe that my day will function right when I wake up in a beautiful space, and when I work from a beautiful space. It’s important that my home and my studio make me feel happy and inspire me otherwise I can’t be the best version of myself or do my best work. You would be surprised about how much your mood and creativity can change just from being in a beautiful space.

Do you inspect the soft furnishings in other people’s homes/hotels/restaurants and is there a particular place that comes to mind?

I definitely take note in people’s homes, I love it when people have put their own touch on things or pull it together in a unique way, I love it when something surprises me.

If you could only design with one colour, what would it be and why?

Pink, It’s such a friendly colour to me, I always smile when I see something pink. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

After 6 years of working corporate design jobs with a commute and a really early start I decided for my studio days I don’t wake up with an alarm. I rise when I’m ready take a shower then walk 15 minutes to my studio in Brunswick, I’m usually in around 10. Once I’m there I make a cup of tea check my emails, and read over my favorite design blogs. I like to make a list of what I need to do that day and what new projects I want to start. Depending on orders I might be driving to pick up fabric or packing some orders to send out.

This whole process is very new to me since leaving the steady 9 – 5 world! it’s terrifying but extremely liberating at the same time.

What has been your favourite bargain buy?

My 3-piece cane setting for $150 on eBay. I’m in the process of covering the seat cushions in Mosey Me fabric!

Dream design purchase? 

I’d love to own a Gubi beetle chair or Jardan’s Wilfred couch.

Top sustainability/earth saving tip?

Drink tap water!

Do you have a top travel destination or a favourite place?

I love New York, I went there twice last year which sent me broke but gave new life to my creativity. I find the city invigorating! 

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

I would have to be mustering up the courage to launch my business last year. This is something I’m hugely proud of because it’s not something I just talk about anymore I’m doing it – now I’ve just got to keep it alive! 

“I love New York, I went there twice last year which sent me broke but gave new life to my creativity. I find the city invigorating! 

What would be your dream creative project?

To deck out a cafe or restaurant with Mosey Me. Paint a mural on one wall then have everything relate back to that artwork, the napkins, tea towels, table cloths, right down to the ceramic colours, glasses and the menu design. That would be amazing!

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m in the process of designing Mosey Me bedlinen, its early days but I’m so excited to see it come to life!

All images by Andrew Diprose

Ah, what an amazing creative space! No wonder she can create such beautiful colour ways, amazing bold patterns, mix that with a fantastic life story, it just makes you feel that much more inspired? I know that’s how I feel; I might spend my next day off being a bit creative.

Similarly it is very exciting to watch Mosey Me expand… Keep an eye out, and jump onto the website to get your hands on the locally designed and printed linens!


Georgia Duncan

Eclectic Creative Blog Contributor

As an Interiors and design ‘devotee’, Georgia is lucky enough to work as a freelance interior designer, decorator, stylist and writer. From a young age, her love of rich textiles, heavenly antiques and eclectically styled spaces was innate. Hailing from the bottom of the world in Hobart, but now residing in Melbourne, she finds herself spending her free time scrolling through beautiful feeds of design orientated images, filling her tummy at the latest, yummiest and mainly design savvy eateries, traveling the world (her dad says she is not okay without a ticket for her next trip), or simply kicking back with friends. Georgia believes a house should be a home and a little bit of love goes a long way.

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