8 easy cheap and cheerful tips to keep your house cool this Summer.

  1. Strategic Window Management:  During the day, keep your windows closed and draw the curtains and blinds, especially if the sun is blazing in and the winds are hot. But as soon as the cool evening breeze kicks in, open up your house. This will let in cooler air and circulating, allow your home to breathe a sigh of relief.
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2. Use Fans Wisely: Circulating air throughout the house really helps cool down spaces on hot days. Ceiling fans, pedestal fans, oscillating fans – they’re all your friends. Running fans helps to move the air and create a wind-chill effect, making it feel cooler than it actually is. Just remember to turn them off when you leave the room to save energy.

3. Shade: If you have the luxury of outdoor space, consider planting some shade trees or installing outdoor shading like pergolas, awnings, or even simple umbrellas. Shade not only cools the air outside but can also reduce the heat that enters your home, plus it provides a much more lush green aspect, visually cooling than a sandy dust pit.

4. Nighttime Breeze Trick: This one’s an oldie but a goodie and one I have not tried myself. Place a box fan in a window at night to suck in the cooler night air. Make sure the fan is facing out, though, to push the warm indoor air outside. It’s like natural air conditioning. Would you give this one a try for me?

5. Dress Your Windows: Ensure your windows are dressed for aesthetics but as well as function, especially for keeping out the heat in Summer. (especially those Western-facing windows in Australia) You can also try adding UV window film or awnings to your windows from the outside. These can bounce the sun’s rays back out, keeping your home cooler without blocking the view.

6. Cook Smart: Cooking on the stove or firing up the oven can turn your kitchen into a sauna. Opt for salads, sandwiches, or use small kitchen appliances like a microwave or slow cooker, which generate less heat. Or even better, if you have an outdoor space. Cook outside!

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7. Cool Your Bed: Don’t forget to chill where it matters most – your bed! Swap out flannel sheets for breathable varieties such as French Linen, bamboo or cotton ones, and consider a cooling mattress pad and choose a summer doona insert and rid of the extra winter layers.

8. Stay Hydrated: Last but not least, stay hydrated. Sip on ice-cold water, make some refreshing homemade iced tea, or even indulge in a popsicle or two. Hydration keeps your body’s internal thermostat in check.

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