Understanding the Process: Why Interior Design Takes Time at Eclectic Creative

We believe its the *how* that all these elements are applied to create masterpiece.

At Eclectic Creative, we understand that crafting a space that resonates with your unique essence is an art form that requires time, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to perfection, and you, our client needs to be willing to understand that good things take time. Let’s explain why.

1. Conceptualization and Inspiration

A successful end result for any interior design project lies in the inspiration and foundations behind it. Our seasoned designers at Eclectic Creative, led by Creative Director Jessica Viscarde invest considerable time understanding your preferences, lifestyle, and the architectural nuances of your space. This initial phase involves an in-depth consultation and thorough research answering the design brief to curate a concept that not only aligns with your vision but also encapsulates our signature touch of creativity.


2. Comprehensive Planning

Once the design concept is approved by you, our client, the next step is the meticulous planning that goes into every aspect of the project. From selecting the perfect colour and material scheme, finishes and fittings, to sourcing unique furnishings and accessories that compliment the big picture, our team at Eclectic Creative is imaginative, creative and dedicated to the end result transformation. This phase demands time for research, supplier interaction, finalising design drawings and specification and the careful consideration of every detail that creates the big idea,  to ensure a seamless and cohesive design.

3. Discussing Realistic Budgets

Creating a masterpiece is not only about aesthetics but also about practicality. We pride ourselves on transparent communication and being realistic. We invest time in providing options and putting forward suggestions that encompasses costs and where your hard earnt money could be spent, ensuring that the final design not only meets your expectations but also aligns with a realistic budget according to the desired outcome.

When renovating a full home, and then furnishing it, the budget is going to be rather sizeable to allow for all the elements wanting to be addressed, as well as budgeting for interior design fees. A basic assumption is furnishing an average sized room you need to allow atleast $40K. That can cover things like wall finishings (paint or wallpaper) light fixtures, key pieces of furniture, artwork, decor and possibly (not always) can include window treatments. Trades and costs of labor can greatly affect this budget depending on what needs to be done to the room, and this isnt including interior renovations of joinery, or structural or cosmetic changes via a Builder or trades.


4. Collaboration and Client Input

Our clients are an integral part of the design journey at Eclectic Creative and we respect the fact you have invited us into your home and entrusted us with the project. We value your input and collaboration, understanding that your space should be a reflection of your personality.

This interactive process of incorporating client feedback demands time but is necessary in achieving a design that truly resonates with you. We communicate regularly with you and have touch points throughout the process so you are kept updated with the concepts and development.

5. Design Management and Coordination

Turning a vision into reality requires communication and attention to detail. We offer Design Management during the implementation phase of the project, and Eclectic Creative where we can review and check in on the design implementation according to the project requirements. This can include liaising  with contractors on site, engaging artisans and commissioning work, and checking in with suppliers and vendors to ensure timelines are being kept. All of this administration demands time and precision to ensure that the final result aligns with the design intent and an incredible end result is realised for our clients.


6. Love the end result!

At Eclectic Creative, we take pride in our work, and each element of the design process. Project check-ins are conducted at various stages to ensure the design intent is being communicated and executed and we are hired by the hour for this. We provide estimations at the beginning of the project and can adjust this as required, whether it be weekly or fortnightly meetings, depending on the scope of work.

We understand time is a precious commodity and you are eager to get the implementation phase started and enjoy your beautifully resolved home. However, our design ideas and designs are considered thoughtfully by us and not rushed. You have invested in the interior design process with Eclectic Creative and engaged us for our professionalism and know-how. You are purchasing decades of experience and are personally invited into our network of trusted suppliers, makers and trades.

From concept to completion, each phase is custom designed for you, ensuring that your space not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Embrace the journey with us, and let Eclectic Creative transform your space into a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Your dream interior awaits, and the time invested in the process is the key to unlocking its full potential.

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