Why should I hire an Interior Designer for my renovation?

So you are renovating your home and considering engaging an Interior Designer. You’re excited but perhaps feeling overwhelmed about embarking on this alone. You also are feeling a little apprehensive about hiring an Interior Designer and unsure about the process, design fees and how its all going to look. Here are some important reasons what an Interior Designer can bring to your project.

Professional Expertise: Interior designers are trained professionals with a deep understanding of design principles, colour theory, and spatial arrangements. We can bring a level of expertise that you might not possess, ensuring that your space is not only beautiful but functional as well. You are paying for the value brought to the project, not the time it takes.

We are university-trained Designers at Eclectic Creative and bring a wealth of knowledge from varying disciplines. For instance, Creative Director Jessica studied Industrial Design majoring in Furniture Design, hence her deep love and skillset for custom joinery, later working as Graphic Designer for IKEA, and later moving across country to study Interior Design taking out the major award when graduating by the DIA (Design Institute of Australia).


Tailored Solutions: As Interior designers, we take the time to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and personal needs. Afterall, Interior Design is very personal and we like to get to know you and who lives in your home (including your pets!)  We create a custom design plan that reflects your unique style and requirements, making your space truly one-of-a-kind. That’s the part we love!

Saves Time: Renovations can be time-consuming and overwhelming. We can save you a significant amount of time by handling tasks such as sourcing materials, coordinating with contractors, and managing the project timeline, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life. During the construction and implementation phase, we meet on-site regularly for Design Management meetings to ensure the design intent is being followed and communicated by the engaged build team.

Budget Management: We can help you allocate resources effectively, ensuring that your money is spent wisely on quality materials and finishes. Everyone is different and has different ideas of where they want to allocate the budget, and this can be applied to renovations and furniture selections. For instance, some people see value in a sofa rather than a rug or vice versa or the kitchen and pull back on the pantry. We have those important questions in the early stages.



Access to Resources: Interior designers have access to a network of suppliers and professionals in the industry. This means they can source unique furnishings, materials, and fixtures that may not be readily available to the general public, giving your renovation an exclusive touch. We can take you directly to the makers, supporting Australian-made, as well as providing trade incentives through our extensive network of bespoke suppliers.

Aesthetic Vision: Although each project of ours is custom and personalised to you, we do have a signature style and aesthetic that is prominent with each project. We love adding considered colour and pattern, custom joinery, mixing the old and new, repurposing vintage and retro pieces, as well as respecting and honoring the character and architecture of a home. We encourage you to view our portfolio and familiarise with our projects. We bring the aesthetic and big-picture vision for your project, so your home feels cohesive and finished, with ideas you perhaps have not considered, and attention to detail to elevate the overall look and importantly *feel* of your home.


Stress Reduction: Renovations can be stressful, but having us on your side can alleviate much of that stress. We tend to act as a buffer between you and the various contractors and trades, help troubleshoot problems, and make sure everything runs smoothly. During extensive renovations we meet on site regularly to communicate the design intent, as with older homes things can and do change, and we are there to brainstorm and get things on track. We are known for our light-hearted and down to earth approach. We love to crack a joke, keep things on track and well communicated. We also have no problem engaging and communicating with others on the build from Architects, Builders and various trades. Our clients are our top priority.


Increased Home Value: A well-designed interior can significantly increase the value of your home. So, while it might seem like an initial expense, it’s an investment that can pay off when it comes to resale value. We also don’t believe in designing *just* for re-sale value as where is the fun in that? You will be living in your home and it needs to work for you, now, and we work with many forever family homes who want to enjoy and appreciate their space – not have it all white because a real estate agent says so!

Functionality: Our initial thought is always Function. Function first! As Interior designers we don’t just focus on aesthetics; we also must consider functionality. We can optimize your space for the way you live and how each space interacts with one another, ensuring that it’s not just beautiful but practical as well.

Personal Satisfaction: Ultimately, a professionally designed space can be incredibly satisfying. Every time you walk into your newly renovated home, you’ll experience the joy of a well-thought-out and aesthetically pleasing environment.


In terms of design fees, for the design phase, we charge a fixed fee based on the scope of work and design brief. This is delivered to you via a proposal after the Initial Consultation ( a paid initial meeting and first step of every project) We switch to Hourly during the implementation phase of the project be it construction or installing and styling furniture and decor. 

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