5 reasons to hire a Designer for your next renovation.

If you are planning on renovating your house this year there are many reasons why enlisting the professional help of an Interior Designer is an important part of the planning process.

A renovation is an investment of not only money, but your time and health, and can be a very stressful time. Just like hiring a personal trainer when you need fitness inspiration and someone to motivate you, inspired and on track, Interior Designers can operate the same way.

At Eclectic Creative, our strength lies in being a valuable support during the renovation and being on your team! The build process involves dealing with so many individuals, it can be mind boggling, so having a constant support to offer design advice and provide direction is really is crucial for a smooth renovation process.

1. You will save time

No more spending hours on Pinterest, dreaming about your perfect space but wondering how to achieve the look, wasting your weekends at showrooms and having a mini meltdown with your partner in the paint aisle at Bunnings. Working with a Designer during the early stages of your build and renovation ensures you have a plan of attack and have a schedule of selections that have been presented to you so you can develop or approve. You can have your weekends back knowing material schemes and specifications of fixtures will be all done for you, according to your brief, scope and taste.

“We are all about the journey at Eclectic Creative…
helping our clients with inspiration, clarity of the design and overall direction”

2. You will save money

Without a vision or design clarity toward a project, chances are you will spend money making the wrong choices or blow the budget on areas that with some thought could have been done a more efficient and price conscious way.

If you have enlisted a builder and have a budget, we can assist in selecting materials and fixtures within budget, or offer solutions on where to spend the money and where to pull back. We can also provide all selections on a schedule for you, to hand to your builder for pricing and quotes.

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We can add a brand new perspective to a project, with our skilled designer eye. We help turn inspiration images into a vision for your home and implement a design direction on how to achieve the style you are seeking. Perhaps there are things you may not have considered or a material or colour you could have never imagined. You will have a personal guide helping you make those difficult decisions and choices when it comes to your home. A common thread running throughout your home, from exterior to interior is always at the forefront of decision making at Eclectic Creative. We believe this is what creates a well rounded feel… and transforms houses into homes.

Interior stylist melbourne eclectic interior design apartment interior design melbourne


We can work with your builder’s chosen suppliers or have a great selection of suppliers we love to work with. At Eclectic Creative, we have an extensive community of local makers, suppliers and retailers that we entrust to our client projects. A main reason you would engage and Interior Designer is to have access to things, not everyone else has, so a sense of exclusivity and confidence knowing the end result will be bespoke and individualised for your needs.


Consider us your partner in crime when it comes to the design process, decorating and all things creative. We pride ourselves on a really encouraging, inspiring and down to earth type of service. We are on your side and want to help you communicate these design ideas to builders and trades.

Our approach at Eclectic Creative is a little different in the way that we like to work quite closely with you and aren’t the type of designers to come in and take over. We prefer to guide you in the right direction and help make those decisions. Our Design Management service provides regular check-in’s, meetings with you and overseeing the design implementation of the build. We are all about collaboration, and working together with your trades to achieve an end result that is remarkable!

We specialise in small spaces such as apartments, townhouses and humble abodes and service Inner Melbourne Australia (10km cbd).


If you are building or renovating your home this year, we would love to assist you during the process. Visit our Services page for more information or Contact us regarding your project.

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