How much does an Interior Designer cost in Melbourne.

Eclectic Creative signature service is offering full-service Interior Design, meaning we work on interior renovations for heritage and older forever homes and take clients from concept, through to development, drawings, documentation right through to construction, implementation and final hand-over. We can be in our lives for several months, sometimes several years, so we take this process seriously and wholeheartedly care about the end result.

We tend to consult on multi-room and space projects that involves custom joinery design, wall and floor finishes, interior decoration and furniture specification as well as complete kitchen, bathroom and laundry overhauls including additions and extensions.

There are interior design studio’s that are less expensive than us, and there are firms that charge 5 times or more than us. We charge based on value and expertise not by the hour for design work. We always recommend when choosing an interior designer to work with is to consider cost, the level and type of service you need, style and portfolio of work and whether you get along and click. We feel when you’re on the same page from day one, it’s a sign for a good working relationship. One that is built on trust and communication.


The cost of a project is then generally split into:

Architect, Designer and Landscape Design Fees

Construction and implementation

Furniture and soft furnishings

Factors Influencing Interior Designer Costs

Project Scope

The size and complexity of your project significantly impact the cost. A complete home renovation will typically cost more than redesigning a single room. What do you want to improve in your home? What rooms are you wanting to improve? What is on your wish-list?

Project Aesthetic and Style

Do you have a certain style and look you are wanting to achieve? What does this involve? How do you want to space to feel? Do you have visual inspiration?

Designer Experience and Reputation

Experienced and highly reputable designers often charge more for their services. Their expertise and proven track record can be worth the investment. We are bringing you our expertise and know-how saving you time, money and expensive mistakes. Eclectic Creative has been helping homeowners since 2013 and we’ve been published in Home Beautiful magazine (including the cover) as well as renowned blogs such as The Design Files and Interiors Addict.

Geographic Location

The cost of interior design services can vary depending on your location. Designers in major cities like Melbourne may charge more than rural towns. We also charge travel time.

Material and Finish Selections

The quality and type of materials and finishes you choose can also affect the overall cost. High-end materials and custom finishes will increase the project’s cost.

Budget and what you are comfortable spending

What are you comfortable with spending for your renovation or build? Is your number realistic to achieve the result you are looking for? Have you factored in Architect and Interior Design fees and other consultants required on the project?

Custom vs. Standard Solutions

Custom-designed solutions often come with a higher price tag than standard, off-the-shelf options. Customisation allows for a unique, tailored design but requires more time and resources.

Project Timeline and Deadline we are working towards.

Tight deadlines can increase costs, as designers may need to expedite orders and work longer hours to meet the timeline. We will also be realistic and let you know if time frames are unachievable. Design takes time. And can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience when you allow it to be. Which is also why hiring a professional is the answer, taking the guess work out of the process. So you can sit back and enjoy the journey.

Amazing!!! Jess made it all happen from the concept design to reality!! She was always a phone call away!!! Highly recommend. I wouldn't start a reno without seeing her first! So happy with the end result!

What does it cost to hire Eclectic Creative for your interior design project?

As we have discussed, each project is costed out based on your individual needs and wants for your home. There are interior design firms cheaper than us, and those who charge 5 and 10 times more. We encourage you to hire us based on our portfolio of work, expertise and credibility within the Australian interior design industry. 

We have put together the below as a rough guide as to what you might expect to pay when engaging our services, for the Design Fee (this doesn’t include the Design Management phase during implementation, execution and construction).

Individual standard Bathrooms or Laundries from $7K+

Kitchens from $10K+ additional for sculleries, butler pantries and walk in pantries.

2-3 rooms for interior decoration with small amount of custom joinery design From 18K+

Full Home POA

Design Management Hourly Rate is currently $200 AUD  inc GST


Our minimum design fee is $3300 + GST that includes 10 hours of consulting time. We will plan the time utilised and usually involves a concept document and working meeting at a supplier. These are consultancy style in nature, and ideal for those who have done the leg work and need expertise and general assistance.

So, what does it cost to renovate?

Again, this depends on so many variables — the level of finishes and material you’d like to have, which room you’re renovating and which builder you choose to use. In our experience, an average bathroom in Melbourne is $50,000 + and a kitchen is $80,000+ depending on the size of the room and level of detailing and customisations. Asking a reputable licenced builder to give you a general estimate before you begin work is a good way to get a rough guide.

If you would like to get started on your renovation journey and discuss the interior design services you require, get in touch. 

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