The Coloured Knot

The Coloured Knot was born from a heartfelt gesture – the making of a special blanket for her young son who was going into hospital for major surgery. Combining the traditions of crochet, alongside the passion for Macramé, founder Rebecca Winkenton creates colourful and meaningful home decor items that supports her creative passions whilst raising her young family.
Bec wanted to create products customers could use all year round and when Winter was over and there was no longer a high demand for blankets, she looked into macrame and decided to test the waters. A self-taught maker, Bec describes this new direction as quite the passion, and loves to work with a range of colours and new designs for people to incorporate in their homes. Her product range currently offers wall decoration, storage baskets, jewellery and hanging stands and pods, but Bec is always introducing new pieces to the range.
The daily creative routine at The Creative Knot works around her four young children, seizing a few hours here and there between naps, feeds and busy schedules. This busy Mum loves nothing more than escaping into her creative space and revel in the satisfaction of creating pieces  that others want to include in their homes. “Creating a new piece always gives me a buzz!” Bec describes.
A personal favourite of mine – is this piece below, The Hanging Shelf –  and are one of The Coloured Knot’s best sellers. This blue pared back with the copper fasteners is a piece that could translate into almost any interior style and with our obsession for indoor plants, what a way to show off your green thumb – placing a planter on one of these!
coloured knot
 A lot of time is spent sourcing the supplies for her next creation and the inspiration is drawn directly from the materials and the rope that is found. Bec lets the materials guide her designs, inspired by the colours and the textures.
An interior styling enthusiast, Bec is always open to collaborating with other creatives and likes to support other young businesses, especially those like herself, parents with young children. You can find out more about The Coloured Knot or shop via their website here 
I am grateful for all the small businesses I have discovered and had the pleasure to work alongside. Supporting local is something very important to me, as I am one myself, so I understand and can relate how challenging it can be, but also how rewarding the journey is.
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