Scratch + Jotter: Stylish Stationery You Gotta Have

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This is for all you stationery fanatics out there, like me. I know there are lots of you… Have you heard about Scratch + Jotter? An Australian online business dedicated to providing stylish and timeless stationery from all over the world. They believe that your office or work space should be “a haven where your thoughts flow and where concentration and focus are natural states” … and quite frankly aren’t we all sick of the cheap, boring run of the mill stationery? It’s time to reward yourself people!


Scratch + Jotter is Stationery for creative, organised and refined workspaces and they offer a curated array of writing instruments, diaries, planners, notebooks and accessories. One of the ranges stocked at Scratch + Jotter is Appointed – a stationery brand that is proudly American made and that make utility look luxurious. I really love the colour ways and the fact you can choose plain, lined or grid paper in their workbooks.


The Appointed range is tactile and textural, so you immediately just want to pick them up and start writing, drawing or doodling! The workbook has copper spiral binding as well as perforated paper, so it makes it a very neat affair if you want to share you work with others. I always sketch on plain paper, and even when I write, I like to do so without lines. I am a visual person, so you’ll find me drawing and writing all at the same time – I find my ideas communicate better when I mix the two, so naturally, I chose the plain paper in the Sprial Workbook in Medium in Navy. You can find it here.



I also chose a Mini Jotter in the Chambray Blue, as I am forever racing with ideas. I am going to use this one in the handbag, it can travel around with me, so whenever I have an idea, or something buzzing around in my head, I shall write it down! There is something therapeutic about writing it all down, and freeing up some space in the ol’ memory bank.


Finally, I grabbed myself a Task Pad as I am a list writer. As mentioned previously, I am forever doing things, making plans, chasing dreams, setting goals, trying to remember things, so my brain is very full. I find it helpful to write things down, so the Task Pad is perfect for this as it has lines, to keep me neat, structured and ordered. Plus, it has a foil stamped cover, so it is a universe away from the ratty shopping list (most likely scribbled down on the back of a used envelope) I am always using.


You can visit Scratch + Jotter here or alternatively, find them on instagram @scratch_n_jotter




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