Road Trip: A visit to Cactus Country in Melbourne

If you’re seeking inspiration sometimes all you need to do is jump in the car, put some distance between you and all that is familiar and go on a road trip. Pack a picnic, go on your own or invite a few friends and explore new areas and discover new sites. It is incredible how a change of scenery can awaken new ideas and leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

Jessica Viscarde

I recently took a road trip to an out-of-this-world place called Cactus Country for my Birthday and wanted to share with you the incredible sights and place that it is. It was honestly like being on another planet, or time (prehistoric!) or another country.

3 hours north of Melbourne and 30 years strong, this destination hosts weddings, photoshoots, tourists and cacti lovers alike.  Jim Hall – the owner began his love affair with this prickly plant whilst a child watching his father propagate and grow cactus. People would come and visit his father’s collection and realised there was a genuine attraction and interest.

Jim lovingly has cared for his fathers garden, as well as purchasing a second collection in 1984 and the grounds just keep growing, now boasting close to 10 HA.

“Cactus Country is honestly like being on another planet, or time (prehistoric!) or another country.” 

One of the main reasons we decided to take the road trip was it was my birthday – and if you don’t know – I was born in Texas so my love for cacti and these prickly little guys started way back then. It was a really easy drive from Melbourne, and enjoyed getting on the road and putting some distance between us and the big city.

The extra cool thing about Cactus Country is that you can take home your very own cactus baby of your choice. It’s a wonderful idea for plant lovers and collectors, because if you’re searching for that special species, Cactus Country will have it, or help you find it.

“3 hours north of Melbourne and 30 years strong, Cactus Country hosts weddings, photoshoots, tourists and cacti lovers alike.

If you’re a Melburnian, or visiting – do yourself a favour and add Cactus Country to your must-visit list. There is a restaurant and cafe out there – they sell ice cold cans of coke – yay and even offer you a map of the gigantic gardens and sombreros for photo opportunities! (I was so overwhelmed by the place, I forgot to snap a picture of myself in a sombreo!

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Cactus Country - 4986 Murray Valley Hwy, Strathmerton VIC 3641

Jessica Viscarde

Creative Director, Eclectic Creative

Jess is a qualified Interior designer and currently resides in Melbourne Australia with her boyfriend and black rescue cat, Peggy. Texan born, Jess who grew up in South East Asia and has Italian, Irish and Danish heritage – she believes this culturally diverse upbringing has helped shaped her love for all things eclectic and formed her natural flair and talent for combining styles, colour and pattern. In her spare time, Jess loves gardening and travel, and basically anything to do with cats!

Connect with Jess Instagram: @jess_eclecticcreative

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