Quirky + colourful DIY clay pots for your faux plants

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Amanda Hastings

House plants are taking over! In fact, the most pin-worthiest images on Pinterest look more like jungles than living rooms. However, this trend presents a rather obvious problem for those of us who missed out on the gift of having a green thumb.

 Introducing: Fake Plants!

I know, I know….. fake, really? Well, today’s DIY combats the major issue that I’m sure most of us have found when we’ve purchased  a reasonably priced fake plant: the tiny ugly little black pots they all seem to come in.

While these days a lot of effort is put into making the foliage look pretty dang real, the pots themselves are a dead give away!  Of course, you could always sit the little black pot inside lager one. However, the moment someone looks over the rim, all your darkest fake plant, green thumb failures are exposed!

To avoid this shame  I decided to create my own quirky pots that are designed to add an element of interest that is so unique, the question of a fake plant becomes totally irrelevant.

If quirky “Jungalow” living is your ultimate goal, but nurturing temperamental indoor plants isn’t your thing, you may have opted for the faux-plant variety. To make up for it, we’ve created this super striking DIY pots, so whatever you may lack in being a green thumb, you can totally make up for in craftiness!

For this DIY you will need: 

  • Coloured clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Faux Plant
  • Paint and painting supplies
  • Accesses to an oven
  • Baking paper
  • Knife
  • A mould large enough for the pot of the plant

1. To begin, divide your clay into even groups. I found that using no more than 3 colours of clay when creating a marble effect works best.

2.  Next, take each colour of clay make individual strands.

3. To begin creating the marble effect, twist together the different coloured strands for clay into one. Repeat twisting the strand in on itself 3 or 4 times, until you can start to see the colours blending and streaking through one another

All images by Amanda Hastings

“Be careful not to over blend your colours at this stage, as the clay is rolled out the marble effect will blend further”

4. Once you are happy with the blend of your clay you can begin rolling it. Roll the clay very thin so that it is easy to create the drapey, fabric like effect the of the pot.

It is not important to keep your clay in a perfectly round shape. In fact the more free form the better at this stage.

Pro Tip: Rolling the clay onto baking paper makes it much easier to pick up and and transfere onto the mould.

5. Drape the clay over the mould (in my case I used a drinking glass). Then softly pull the clay to extend it further down the mould and to shape it in a flowing, draped effect. Once you have a shape you are happy with bake it in the oven in accordance with the clays instructions.

6. Meanwhile, as the clay bakes in the oven paint the ugly black pot and more complementary grey shade.

7. Finally, once your clay has cooled from the oven, paint the rim of your pot gold. This finishing touch completes the look and emphasizes the unique sculptural edges of the pot.

And you are done!

These strikingly different pots, give a quirky finish to your latest fake plant that will prove, whatever you may lack in being a green thumb you make up for in DIY style.

I hope this DIY brings you one step closer to “Jungalow” living in your home. Green thumb or not!

She The Maker xx

Amanda Hastings

Eclectic Creative Blog Contributor

Amanda Hastings of ‘She The Maker’ is an all-embracing creative with a multifaceted interest in the handmade and the crafty. Finding it difficult to limit herself to one creative outlet Amanda creates unique handmade furniture combining welding and resin, dives in to creative DIY’s for her home and brings a constant source of affordable and stylish ideas to her youtube channel.

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