What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social application that concentrates on imagery, and in particular the sharing of these images between users, effectively creating a community of people coming together to share a common purpose.

In the early days (before Instagram’s Facebook take over and I, myself being on the tail-end of the Millennial generation ) was noticing what a powerful platform Instagram was, especially for the creative industry, because it was focused on visuals – and less about the status update. It was a place we could all go to, to meet, to unite and to basically look at pretty pictures. So I got thinking….

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a way of organsing images and categorising them. Images can be searched for and found through these hashtags and people can then build a community around the content within that hashtag. Think of it as a folder – and in that folder is a myriad of content relating to the folder’s title.

Enter my light bulb moment idea – #pocketofmyhome

I started this ‘humble little hashtag’ #pocketofmyhome back in 2014 before anyone was really using hashtags to build interior communities, specifically for interior lovers and house-proud people. Sure, there were photo sharing competitions and a few places for the perfectly styled magazine homes but nowhere, that I could see, was a space for people to come to show off their homes….real homes with personality. 

I specifically wanted to build a community that was approachable, inclusive and supportive of all interior styles, not just what was on-trend. I wanted to create a community that essentially reflected my business and brand values, Eclectic Creative, as we are all about celebrating homes with personality, and encouraging everyone to turn houses into homes.

The idea behind “pocket” of my home was the ability to show a little section of our home to the world, without feeling overwhelmed, worried or anxious. a glimpse or window into how we live, what we love and the special things we hold dear.

Now, there are tonnes of hashtags promoting interior inspiration of all kinds. Heavens, there are even direct replicas of #pocketofmyhome but I like to think, this humble little hashtag has inspired tens of thousands of people to be proud of their homes and the notion to celebrate all interior styles. I really can’t thank you enough for being a part of this very special community. Make sure you follow us on instagram and share your own home to the tag for your chance to be featured.

What is #pocketofmyhome?

#pocketofmyhome is a popular and fast growing community of house proud, design loving individuals from all over the world. Boasting a huge engagement and participation with over 150,000 images and counting #pocketofmyhome has become a favourite hashtag to use on instagram and is a source of interior inspiration for the many.

Recently we’ve launched our very own account @pocketofmyhome  where we share our favourite picks from the hashtag. It’s a great way of finding new accounts to follow, meeting like-minded people and and endless source of interior inspiration. What’s not to love?


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Meet our contributors

I wanted to start a community where people could participate and show off little sections of their homes, a place where individuality and personality is welcomed and a friendly community where you can get inspiration, make new connections and meet other house proud individuals. The #pocketofmyhome community reflects my love of eclecticism, and celebrating all interior styles and at the same time delivering inspiration in a friendly and approachable way. I’m just so pleased how this movement has grown in popularity without much advertising or promotion. It’s grown organically and steadily, and thats something pretty powerful!

Jessica Viscarde

Founder of #pocketofmyhome

Jelena Anderson of The Upstylist hails in Sydney Australia and is an Interior and Property Stylist who loves creating beautiful and thoughtful interiors, concentrating on the feeling the space creates. She is constantly rearranging her home and others and dreaming up different schemes using the existing with a dash of something new. Jelena’s enthusiasm and presence within the #Pocketofmyhome community is infectious and she has a knack for selecting uniquely different interiors from all over the world.

Jelena Anderson

Contributor to #pocketofmyhome

Susie Newman of Susie Q Designs is an Interior Decorator and Stylist from the sunny shores of Perth, Western Australia and loves helping others to visually change and fall in love with their space. Susie’s interior style is light, bright and relaxed with Scandinavian influences and believes you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to change the look of your home! Susie has been a contributor of the #pocketofmyhome community since the very beginning and we just love the spaces she chooses to feature.

Susie Newman

Contributor to #pocketofmyhome