Moteef: Outdoor cushions with Personality!

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I love hearing about how creatives start their journey, or what inspired them to launch a business or a brand. I really believe, when things are meant to happen, they just do, and sometimes those happy little accidents can be the start of something really great.
Perth based, Terri Ioannou knows this too well, as the accidental press of a button on her smartphone was the beginning of her business idea for Moteef. The unexpected and accidental capture from her phone’s camera presented a range of blurred and obscure patterns and colours that caught Terri’s eye.

Using her experience as a Graphic Designer, Terri began to turn these images into patterns and researched ways of how to transfer the designs onto fabric through digital printing. One thing just led to another during the creative process and after chatting with her sister, Terri was inspired to turn her designs into inspiration for an outdoor cushion range, and the first collection was launched in Spring 2014. The creative routine at Moteef involves a lot of spontaneity, without any preconceived ideas as to allow the process to just flow and evolve from the initial base image. The shapes and colours are digitally transferred and altered to create a new range, or compliment an existing colour palette. Once the patterns are finalised, test prints are conducted and the entire process from designing to printing and ready for sale can take a few months.     Terri is inspired from the decorative arts of Africa, South America and The Middle East, being drawn to the intricate patterns and bold, vibrant colours, which is evident in her work. I love the way you can create a real pattern clash if you wish, or tone it down with the monochrome range. Either way, you can create such a statement with Moteef, and it is very special to know the patterns have been personally designed by Terri and are truly one of a kind. Be Bold, Be Real, Stay Curious.  You can find Moteef on Instagram or shop via her website here   

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