Meet Maggi McDonald

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Eclectic Creative


Sydney based visual artist and surface designer, Maggi McDonald takes us on a colourful evolution through her works thanks to studying Surface Design, where painting became a natural progression and the mix of media and skills has produced captivating and colourful works that certainly caught my eye.

Maggi’s most popular works to date have been her ‘Roundies,’ the round leather strapped framed artworks that are ready to hang on the wall. The bright pop of colour, pared back with natural  leather really helps to brighten a space, yet work in a myriad of interior styles.

FullSizeRender (61)

An early riser with a mug of coffee in hand, Maggi likes to start painting straight away, concentrating on one particular colour palette. She loves to let the paint guide her and is fascinated by the patterns and the textual effect from layering different colours. Describing herself  as ‘inspired and seeing the world in high-chroma colour’ her artworks speak for themselves. Packing a contemporary punch of colour, I just love the artwork below with the vertical strokes – it reminds me of ribbons of colour under the sea. Don’t you love how you can see all types of things through art? What do you see?


Maggi explains she has a deep emotional connection with the colour blue, and has just started working on her first series of paintings exploring what emotions this colour can evoke within her and those viewing the paintings. Inspired by nature and man-made structures, Maggi loves to take many photos when out and about and she uses these as inspiration for her works.

On her collaboration wish-list is Kip&Co and Seafolly. I can so see these beautiful designs on the latest bikini or bed linen…


Adventure of a Lifetime Print Mock Up

Always Blue Web Image

If you’d like to collaborate or view more of Maggi McDonald’s work view her website here 


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