5 Living Room Tips to Remember

Jessica Viscarde, Creative Director

Decorating your living room can be an overwhelming job. Lots to think about, so many choices and options to consider, it can leave you feeling a tad confused of where to start. I’ve put together 5 tips to consider when planning your next decorating project and some little tricks to remember when making your next purchase!

  1. Invest in a Good Lookin’ Sofa.  

What do we do a lot in our living rooms? We sit. We relax. We veg out. So if you’re planting down your toosh for ample amount of time, think about spending money on a well-designed and attractive looking sofa. Consider the fabric and colour choice carefully – do you have children? Perhaps white isn’t a great idea. Do you want to create a certain look? What colour is consistent to this style? Here I specified a teal coloured 3.5 seater fabric sofa for my clients. Designed and made in Melbourne we could customise the size, fabric, colour and leg stain. It is ridiculously comfortable and makes the perfect statement for this Mid-Century Modern inspired interior.

Teal custom Made-in-Melbourne sofa

Photograph by Kate Hansen – The Room Illuminated

2. Choose a Generous Size Floor Rug.

Don’t do the postage stamp! Ensure your floor rug is in proportion to the overall area. Ideally, the sofa’s legs should sit on the rug, and the rug should cover the main seating area of the room. Before you go out shopping for the rug, measure the area you’ll be using including the sofa and armchairs, and purchase something closest to this size that’s within your budget. Also – the rug needs to be orientated the same direction as the room (and your sofa) so everything flows for the eye and all is proportionally well.


3. Choose a Contrasting Material for Your Coffee Table

The coffee table can get a lot of use, we use it to set down drinks, snacks, remote controls and more importantly, we can use it as a styling platform for a vase of fresh flowers, coffee table books, candles and a few accessories. So think about choosing a coffee table with a different texture than the rest of your furniture. It adds some interest, contrast and can help communicate your interior style, and also doesn’t make your room look so same-same. Depending upon your interior personality it can be timber, marble, glass, rattan, metal or acrylic.

“Don’t do the postage stamp! Ensure your floor rug is in proportion to the overall area. ”

Keep it interesting. Mix heirlooms, with new pieces.

Photograph by Kate Hansen – The Room Illuminated

4. Dust Your Things Off

Minimalists ignore this point, keep your things in the cupboard and move on to the next point – but If you have maximalist tendencies like me, you like to have things around you, meaningful things that help transform your house into a home. My tip is pick your favourites, you don’t have to have everything out on show all at once. I won’t judge if you do, however I recommend having your things on transition if you have to. Style seasonally, or move things around creating a new look, shop your home and tell your story through the special pieces you love.

5. Get Yourself a sexy lamp!

Lighting is really important. It sets the mood and can help create a cosy little corner. You don’t have to always use your overhead down lights, instead light a candle, use your floor or table lamps and enjoy the moodiness it creates. Choose a style that fits within the look you’re wanting to create and consider the bulb choice – warm white is my favourite, its less harsh and creates a softer, warmer glow.

Your home can be anything you want it to be, isn’t that cool? Concentrate on making design and style choices that will get you to your ultimate destination, the home you love being in!

Happy Decorating!

Jess x

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