Instagram Community Building: Celebrating Real Homes on #pocketofmyhome

Jessica Viscarde, Creative Director

If you’re on instagram, an Interior Styling addict and follow us at @jess_eclecticcreative chances are you’ve heard about the hashtag #pocketofmyhome where people from all over the world share their own homes. It’s a place where uniqueness and individuality is celebrated and all interior styles are shared from Hampton’s to Scandi to Boho.

You may not know, that I in fact started the #pocketofmyhome tag a few years ago in an effort to unite just a few people through the love of their homes and build a community based on inclusiveness, celebration and the love of our homes. I could have never predicted how crazy people went for this hashtag. It has grown steadily and organically and we are now well over 90,000 images!

 A Brief History of #POCKETOFMYHOME

I started this ‘humble little hashtag’ #pocketofmyhome back in 2014, I think it was, before anyone was really using hashtags to build interior communities, specifically for house-proud people. Sure, there were fabulous photo sharing competitions, like #7vignettes or #Fmsphotoaday and a few places for the perfectly styled magazine homes but nowhere, that I could see, was a space for people to come to show off their homes….real homes with personality. 

I specifically wanted to build a community that was approachable, inclusive and supportive of all interior styles, not just what was on-trend at the time.

I wanted to create a community that essentially reflected my business and brand values, Eclectic Creative, as we are all about celebrating homes with personality, and encouraging everyone to turn houses into homes.

The idea behind “pocket” of my home was the ability to show a little section of our home to the world, without feeling overwhelmed, worried or anxious. sharing a little section of how we live, what we love and the special things we hold dear.

If you’re new to the concept of sharing images on instagram, flick through the #pocketofmyhome hashtag and follow our account @pocketofmyhome where myself and my contributors Jelena and Susie share our daily picks. You can share a bedroom, a little reading nook, a sunny window or a spot in your home you just love spending time in. Remember it’s a pocket, so it can choose to share however much or little as you feel comortable with.

” #pocketofmyhome celebrates real homes, our homes, not just the ones found in glossy magazines”

Now, there are tonnes of hashtags promoting interior inspiration of all kinds. Heavens, there are even direct replicas of #pocketofmyhome but I like to think, this humble little hashtag has inspired tens of thousands of people to be proud of their homes and the notion to celebrate all interior styles. I really can’t thank you enough for being a part of this very special community. Make sure you follow us on instagram and share your own home to the tag for your chance to be featured.

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