” You’re not like everyone else…and your home shouldn’t be either! “

Eclectic Creative is an interior decoration and design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We focus on a personalised and fun approach to design and styling offering services for residential and small bricks-and-motar businesses.

We strive to create solutions that blend both form and function and inject the personality of our clients – no two projects are alike.

Our signature style is creating eclectic, inviting and layered interiors and believe the best outcomes are achieved when our clients are in sync with our approach and style. 

We believe in a collaborative approach with you and our role is to guide, rather than dictate.

Our aim is to help you discover your interior style and then source and style the individual and unique pieces and elements especially for the project.


We follow a 6 stage process encompassing Pre-Project to Design Development and Design Management and installation.

This ensures our clients feel confident, committed and inspired throughout the process.

All of our projects begin with The Design Consultation with Jessica Viscarde a working 90-minute meeting to tackle any pressing decorating issues, styling advice and to essentially gather the brief and understand the assistance you require for the project. If you have inspiration (be it online images or magazine tear sheets) bring these along to the meeting. It forms an important starting point for the meeting.

We like for you to keep an open mind with new ideas that we will suggest – you hired us for a reason right? We also recommend you have an idea of your budget for the transformation of the space including paint, flooring, window treatments, furniture and furnishings.

We will help you break down these costings, but you need to be realistic about your investment.

Lastly we want you to have fun with the process and use it as an opportunity to learn and be inspired. We take care of any issues that may arise during the process and strive to make the experience as easy as possible.



All projects begin with The Design Consultation with Interior Designer, Jessica Viscarde.

We run through the project, provide you with design advice and recommendations based on the assistance you need. You’re welcome to take notes during the consultation and complimentary paint swatches can be ordered on your behalf.

After the meeting a fee proposal is sent to you outlining the scope of works and design fee.

Once signed and approved by you, the budget is discussed, any additional inspiration is sent to us and a site visit with trades if required, is organised.




Once the deposit has been paid, the initial designing begins. From all the information gathered at The Design Consultation as well as inspiration or ideas you send us, we prepare ideas suitable for your space/s. Digital boards are used to help clarify the style and confirm the overall style direction.

Depending upon your brief, we either organise a meeting or deliver the initial ideas digitally.

Remember – these ideas are the initial ideas. We have to start somewhere! From there, we refine and develop the designs further based on your feedback.




We welcome feedback and tweak ideas accordingly… if need be.

Then we start sourcing all the elements such as furniture, key pieces of object and art, and materials and finishes if required for the project. Budget estimates are also discussed again and we share designer incentives and discounts with you.



If custom work is required for your project such as joinery, upholstery, framing, curtains, cushions and soft furnishings, it is tackled in this step.

Fabrics and materials are gathered according to the design direction and discussed with you.

Build and installation dates are scheduled with various suppliers and contractors.



This is where the physical transformation starts to happen! It can involve physical work such as painting, wallpapering, electrical, installation of joinery, cabinetry, curtains or delivery of furniture and key pieces of object, art and lighting.

Design Management involves overseeing the process, ensuring the successful delivery of the brief.



It’s project reveal time and a final handover meeting is scheduled to ensure we are both happy with the outcome.

This is a good time to see if any additional products or furnishings need to be sourced, or existing pieces rearranged in the space.

Professional photography of the transformed space is organised at a convenient time with you.

“I have a small apartment and needed to make the most out of my space. Jess was great at coming up with all the ideas and has transformed my apartment to be functional whilst working with what I liked. Her flair for colour and design has made my apartment look more spacious while all her finishing touches has made it personal and really comfortable. When I walk into my place everyday, its calm and just really nice for me. Its a pleasure to work with Jess and see such great results in my little pad, Thank You.”
Scott Street




At Eclectic Creative we believe in a hands on and customer focused approach toward the design process. We operate with exceptional communication and strive to make the design to install process an enjoyable, collaborative and inspiring experience for our clients.

We create layered and eclectic interiors that are warm and inviting and help tell the story of our clients, reflecting their unique personality.

Our passion lies in assisting our clients to achieve their unique vision for the project through custom solutions that answer the design brief.

We are are committed to ongoing research, education and keeping up to date with the latest products and trends within the industry.