Say no to boring: How to decorate a plain blank wall

We love to keep you inspired to experiment with new looks and ways of styling and decorating your home. Let your own personality and sense of style guide you through the process, paying close attention to the colours and patterns you’re attracted too and the mood you want to create in your home. Styling and decorating should be fun – not serious!

Vanessa Houpert

A common conundrum we face in our homes – what do I do with that plain white wall?  White walls can feel terribly empty and so the quest begins on how to fill it, how to make it feel alive… how to make the space seem put together, without looking mudane and cookie-cutter? Should you add Frames? Mirrors? Shelves? The three of them all together?

Follow our inspiring ideas to help personalise a boring wall.

Image Credit: Aude Christin Instagram @aude.jolijour

Display Several Mirrors

Fixing vintage mirrors of various sizes add relief to a wall. Also, it enlarges the space by reflecting light and the other side of the room. Depending upon your interior style, choose materials, shapes and colours that reflect your desired look. Try repeating the same style or select co-ordinating shapes and sizes or completely different shapes to get an eclectic and individual feel. Also remember to mix up the materials if you’re going for an eclectic look – to add interest such as metal, metallics, rattan, timber and painted timber. 

Image Credit: Blik 

Leave a Message

A great idea for one section of the wall could be paint a section in chalkboard paint and let your creativity (and the kids) express itself! Or, if drawing on the walls is not your thing, and don’t want to fill up the wall, why not choose wall graphics that you can write on with a dry eraser pen. 

“Choose pieces to hang on the wall that reflect you and the mood or colour scheme you’d like to create” Jessica Viscarde

Image Credit: Klin d’Oeil, Instagram @Klindoeil

Experiment with a 3D Artwall

If you love the look of an artwall, but want to take it up a notch, try adding unexpected items to the mix. Combine flat items like frames, drawings, plates, woven items, postcards, souvenirs from your travels and crafty creations!  As long as colours are harmonious, arrange them together in a structured and comprehensive way, more or less at eye level. Avoid cramming them from floor to ceiling – allow for white breathing space. A good tip in the planning stage is to lay out the items on the floor in front of the desired wall, so you get a good idea of how the elements will look together.

This look can be achieved for renters by selecting light weight pieces, using 3m removable hooks or washi tape!

Image credit: @apartmentf15 : Tapestry: Fibers by Filia, Instagram @fibersbyfilia

Create a fibre focal point

Highlight a huge handmade piece on the wall to help warm the room with a bohemian touch. You’ll add a dramatic focal point to the space and the fibre craft is booming, so there is so much choice from local makers, so go for it! Woven hangings, macrame, tie-dye tapestry…choose a style that reflects your personal taste and style.

For temporary hanging solutions try washi tape or removable hooks

Image Credit: Inspirations Murales”, Céline Amico, Eyrolles. 
Photographer: Patrick Parchet

Add Flowers!

For a temporary decoration (occasional party or just for fun), fix some fresh flowers with washi tape to bring a blank wall to life. If you love the idea, select some faux flowers for a lasting effect. Great for renters as it’s temporary!

Image Credit: Feather Palm wallpaper, Milton & King 

Concentrate on a section of the wall

Choose a lively wallpaper full of bright colours and patterns or paint a section of the wall in a vivid or contrasting hue. Choose a section of the wall that visually makes sense, perhaps its the area above the fireplace, behind a console table or hall stand or at the end of a hallway? The entrance wall or the top of a staircase. By working with one section, a smaller area, you can go a little bolder as the proportions is less overbearing. 

Image Credit: H&G Designs

Display some functional objects

Combine form and function with hanging practical items on interesting shelves. Wooden or leather strap shelves, metal grid displays, pinboards with mood boards, mini shelves for planters and lights. Great idea for your home office or studio, you can display inspirational images, tools of your trade, organise magazines and books as well as folders and storage boxes.

Image Credit: IXXI

Hang a large picture

Why not just keep it simple? Choose a great piece of large art or photography that is within proportion to the wall space. Allow for some blank space around the frame or canvas and the centre of the piece should be eye level to an average size 1.65m person.

As it will be the hero piece, there is no need to fix anything else on the wall, select something that speaks to you, tells your story, reminds you of a place you travelled or reflects the mood and colour scheme you want to have in your room. 

Have you decorated a blank boring wall in your home?

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