I love supporting local and Australian made as much as I can, so, when I heard about a new mattress company called Greywing, selling Australian designed and manufactured mattresses I had to check them out. Mattresses, you say, whats so good about a boring old mattress? Well the people at Greywing are determined to do things a little differently and it all started when I had the mattress delivered. It came delivered in a rectangular box, about the size that could fit easily in the boot of a hatchback car with the seats folded down. I was curious! Was this the mattress?

So the unboxing is a real experience, it comes vacuum packed and rolled neatly within the box. After laying out the packaging flat, you’re instructed to open the plastic and the latex/memory foam material gently starts to inflate, as if it is filled with air. It starts getting larger right before your eyes.

The foundation is made of high density foam to provide firm support. It also allows the mattresses to be used on most surfaces including boxsprings, slatted frames or just the floor, which means versatility when deciding on what look you’d like in your bedroom. It’s cool to know this mattress is completely supportive just being on the floor, or equally as supportive with a bed base or frame.

Once a technology only used for space exploration, memory foam is the magical material that allows Greywing mattresses to contour to your body. Memory foam evenly distributes your body weight, creating a floating sensation for an exceptional sleeping experience. I can honestly say that sleeping on this mattress is unlike any experience I have had with other mattresses. It is supportive and dense, yet soft like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The top layer is made from latex, with modern technology turning it into  breathable, bouncy foam.

I also like the look of this mattress. Yes, I know it gets covered in sheets, quilts and pillows, but it’s a really nice looking mattress. The blue piping detail around the edge is a nice touch and the complimentary blue in the Greywing label.

The feel of the mattress is very comfortable and I haven’t really slept on anything like this before. It has a really dense yet supportive feel to it but a cloud-like softness. I personally find it a good blend between a soft and hard mattress and the foam really does mould to your body. It retains its shape really well and you barely feel the movement of anyone else sleeping alongside you.

So if you’d like to support Australian made and a local company manufacturing spring-free mattresses, be sure to check them out. Greywing have also included an exclusive discount for Eclectic Creative readers, you will get $50 off your mattress purchase simply by using ECLECTIC at the checkout. If you’d like to test out the mattresses book an appointment here

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