I have recently discovered a local business called Furry Peach that combines a love for animals and fashionable homewares for pets – something I believe there is a huge gap in the market for – how many boring brown or beige beds can one choose from?

Furry Peach celebrates the little things in life and truly believes no home is complete without furry friends, flowers and fresh fruit, which is the inspiration behind the fun and vibrant collection. Each pet bed and cushion is hand-made  and guaranteed to brighten up the home and was inspired by two lovely pooches Peaches and Poppy.

Designer and Owner, Felicia Lowe knows a thing or two about animals, working in a busy orthopaedic specialist hospital with a challenging and varied role from general anaesthetic and x-rays to surgeries and aftercare. The hours are long, Felicia explains, but ” my passion for furry creatures will never wither and being around sick animals only reiterates my love for creating home wares that can be enjoyed by people and their beloved pets.”

Felicia would love to see the furry-friends that she has cared for, recuperating on her designer beds and cushions from the comfort of their own homes. And why should our beloved pets have to get better on a boring old bed anyways?

To bring some personality and a unique point of difference to the designs at Furry Peach, Felicia collaborated with a London based artist to create fabric with ridiculously cute portraits of dogs on. (seen here, below.)

A usual day working at Furry Peach consists of brainstorming and designing brand new concepts for the range, creating the products in a production line (yes, they’re all made by Felicia herself!) drawing up new templates, and gathering all the materials for each product line.

Felicia laughs, “a sequence sentence of my day would look like this – sew, tea, dog cuddle, sew, cut, instagram scroll, test, dog cuddle, pin, sing to the radio repeat!”  Now that sounds like quite the perfect day to me!

Furry Peach was named and inspired after Felicia’s own dog and brand ambassador, Peaches, a Beagle X Cavalier and is the apple of Felicia’s eye. Personally, I am drawn to brands that combine a natural passion, and people who love animals. Give me a photo of a creative working alongside their furry friends any day.

Felicia’s favourite animal is a dog of course, but loves penguins and otters for their cuteness overload and companionship tendencies. (if you haven’t seen an otter in action… you are certainly missing out… quick, go and Youtube them!)

There is something very special knowing that, the pet bed or accessory you have purchased from Furry Peach is made by hand, made with love and 100% made in Australia, by a gorgeous human who loves animals unconditionally. Be sure to follow Felicia and Furry Peach on Instagram here and keep up to the latest news and products released. Super cute!

Exciting news is that a brand new collection is in the works as well as new products being added to the online store. Eclectic Creative readers get an amazing 20% off purchases simply by using the code ECLECTICCREATIVE at checkout.

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Be You! Always.