Easy Peasy Christmas Star Gift-Wrap Idea

Amanda Hastings, Creative Director + DIY’er at She The Maker

To me one of the best things about Christmas is gift giving.

However that part of the day is remarkably short lived and over in just a few moments. I like to savour the gift giving experience by taking the time to uniquely wrap the presents. I love when the wrapping is almost as much a part of the present as gift inside.

Here is a really simple way to wrap your presents and personalise them all at the same time. We used fun and crafty supplies from our friends at Kaiser Craft.

I used brown paper as my base material to wrap the gift, it created a neutral, yet rustic look and provided the perfect foundation to paint upon. You of course can use any colour combination you wish. Red paper with white dots, white paper with red dots, you could do stripes…anything your heart desires. Start with wrapping your gift, if your present is an awkward shape, try wrapping it in a box or something square-ish… it makes it a lot easier!

And for more ideas like this one, check out my video on DIY Christmas Room Transformation with Kaiser Craft HERE where I make garlands, hanging stars and much more… you even get to see my cute little cat make an appearance in the video.

Wooden Star Wrap
You will need:

  • Small wooden stars
  • Twine
  • Double sided tape
  • Paint and paint tray
  • Cotton tips
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors

1. Start by painting small dots onto the wrapped present, in a random start like pattern. I used a cotton bud to paint the dots on, which was really easy, mess free and a good way of getting smallish sized dots… like little snowballs.

“Use a letter for each star, spelling out the name of the receiver of your gift”

2. Once your paint has dried wrap twine around the present a few times.

3. Thread on your small wooden stars, adding enough to spell out the gift receiver’s name.

4. Tie a bow on top edge of the present and paint a letter on each start, spelling out the name of your loved one.

Ta Da! Really simple personalised package wrapped with love.

All materials available from Kaiser Craft.

And remember to check out my video on DIY Christmas Room Transformation with Kaiser Craft HERE

I’ll be creating many more DIY’s next year and making more of an appearance over here, so stay tuned or find me via Youtube via /SheTheMaker

Merry Christmas!

Amanda x

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