“You’re not like everyone else.

Your home shouldn’t be either.”



All projects at Eclectic Creative, no matter the size or structure begin with The Design Consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to kick-start a project, provide clarification and objective design advice and offer measurable information for the do-it-yourself and full service client.

The Design Consultation was created for homeowners wanting some initial advice and guidance or a more popular choice, prepare our full service design clients for the next step of the project.

Your welcome to take notes during the consultation and you can use this to kick start the project yourself or form the basis for the scope of works whilst working with Eclectic Creative.

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“Eclectic + Layered interiors”


We always strive to create unique homes and interiors with personality. Each project is approached differently, paying close attention to your needs, wants and desires – no two projects are alike!

Whether you are embarking on a renovation of your home and require assistance with developing a colour and material scheme, selecting fixtures and finishes, require custom joinery designs or need help with the decorating aspect, we can assist you.

Decorating and styling is an essential stage that makes your house feel like a home. Whether you require decorating as part of the renovation process, or a simple room make over we work with you to develop a personalised interior scheme and one that reflects you and your lifestyle.

Our signature style is creating eclectic, inviting and layered interiors and believe the best outcomes are achieved when our clients are in sync with our approach and style. 


“I have a small apartment and needed to make the most of my space and layout. I was feeling uninispired and overwhelmed by choice. Jess was great at coming up with ideas and helped design and decorate my apartment to be functional whilst working with what I liked. Her flair for colour and design has made my apartment look more spacious while all her finishing touches have made it personal and really comfortable. When I walk into my place everyday, its calm and just really nice for me. Its a pleasure to work with Jess and see such great results in my little pad. Thank You.”
Scott Street

Full Service Interior Decoration + Styling, Kerryn

Approachable + Friendly advice


We believe in a hands on and customer focused approach toward the decoration and design process. We operate with exceptional communication and strive to make the design to install process an enjoyable, collaborative and inspiring experience for our clients.

We create layered and eclectic interiors that are warm and inviting and help tell the story of our clients, reflecting their unique personality.

The best outcomes are achieved when we are in sync and are on the same page style wise. That’s why we always welcome you to view our portfolio of works, social media channels and website to get a feel for what Eclectic Creative is all about!

Our passion lies in assisting our clients to achieve their unique vision for the project through custom solutions that answer the design brief.

Every day as we look around our home and comment on how much we love it, we know we made the right decision to engage Jess. From the moment we met Jess we felt comfortable with her; not only was she interested in the interior of our home but she wanted to know about us so this could be reflected in her design. 

Jess worked with us to break the project down into stages each having a budget. We were provided with options that we could choose from and details of where we could look at the furniture suggested. As we both work full time this was ideal. Jess respected our choices and did not impose anything on us – we would talk through any concerns and Jess worked to provide alternatives. We were assisted to have cabinetry designed and fitted; prints and family treasures framed; furniture and accessories selected.

Visitors always comment on how the wood of the cabinetry, mixed with the other colour choices make our home feel warm and inviting. The way our home looks and feels now exceeds our expectations. We would not hesitate in recommending Jess to anyone. She is a genuinely warm person, highly skilled interior designer and everything in our project was completed to the highest professional standards.”

Fielding Street

Full Service Interior Decoration + Styling, Gayle + Gordon