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Naming your business is a difficult task, especially a creative business. You want something memorable, a name that reflects you and what you are all about, but also something that can evolve with you through times of change and growth. Rachel Wells of Darling Mills Studio was immediately inspired by her new surroundings and the little cottage she and her family had recently moved into. With bush views and a home that backed onto the Darling Mills creek in Sydney, Wells finally arrived at a name that spoke to her and named her business, Darling Mills Studio.

Darling Mills Studio is a brand that encompasses a variety of creative outlets for Wells, from art and graphic design to print making and textiles. Her extensive background in the art of ‘making’ and combining different mediums is evident in her work, I love the layering of elements as seen in her limited edition prints, seen here. The landscapes are made from a series of elements of real and the imaginary in compositions that are captivating, colourful and have an almost three dimensional feel to them.


The digital work involves sifting through collections of images taken by Rachel and when an interesting style, building or tree takes her fancy, she uses these as the inspiration for her next collection. A process of gathering complimentary elements to form her composition and then applying these in photoshop, editing, cutting, pasting and experimenting with colour and form, is at the heart of these digital creations.


This work, titled Anomaly is one of my favourites from the collection. The vibrant colours and textures from the water, contrasted with the birds on the line, creates such an interesting composition. All the digital prints are printed on 310gsm cotton paper and are in limited quantities. The most popular prints in her collection have been Summer Land and Sea Birds pictured below.


As there are many different sides to Darling Mills Studio, each day is so different and can include doodling and sketching, or writing morning pages in her visual diary, Wells insists the book, The Artists Way by Julia Cameron has changed her world.
Daily inspiration comes from finding and appreciating the beauty in the everyday, the Australian landscape, varying textures such as rusty, weathering roofs and peeling paint. With this fascination with textures and layers, Wells loves to weave in her spare time, working with woven textures and different fibres.
Rachel would love to work with local photographers and collaborate, designing new compositions with the supplied images, creating montages and digital prints. If you are a photographer, you can contact her here  

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