Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or simply just need some advice for colours and materials?

We work together to create a beautiful colour + material scheme for your existing space, new build or renovation.

Depending upon your requirements, we can assist with planning the interior finish selections from paint and flooring, to tiles and custom joinery and even bathroom and kitchen schemes.

We can conduct this online, meet in home or at a convenient supplier showroom.

Creating a scheme isn’t just about picking colours – it is about focusing on the details and how they will all work together to create a beautiful and harmonious aesthetic.

We essentially develop a custom and personalised colour palette that considers your desired interior style, the mood, your lifestyle as well as paying homage to the existing architecture.

Colour is a powerful tool that can enhance the space, having direct impact on your mood, as well as forming the foundation of the interior decoration.

We will show you how to implement colour in your home and how proportions, application and light can directly affect colour choices.


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Working closely with you (and your builder if need be) we can put together a customised scheme as well as a list of materials and finish selections for your build or renovation.

With so much choice it can be an overwhelming process making decisions and remaining focused on the particular style you are wanting to create.

90 minute consultation plus specification list, digital vision board, paint samples and material samples where available

Includes interior paint colours, flooring, kitchen & bathroom selections including tiles, cabinetry & bench top colours

from $550



If you are selling your home, to gain best results (and maximum profit) remember that first impressions count and updates such as a fresh coat of paint, new carpet and tiling can create a dramatic transformation that buyers will appreciate and pay for.

We can assist with providing suggestions and a colour scheme to suit your particular market and the architectural features of the property. Plus we can give you advice and recommendations on preparing the property for sale with our tips for furniture and overall styling of the interior.

60 minute consultation plus vision board, specification list and paint samples and material samples where available provided.

From $450