Styling your bedroom for Winter with Lorraine Lea

Lorraine Lea is an Australian owned homewares brand that has been bringing beautiful linen, soft furnishings and decorator items to homes for over 30 years. Recognised for their high quality and on trend homewares – Lorraine Lea has an extensive range that suits all type of interior styles. I recently worked with my top picks from their new Autumn/Winter range and I’ll show you how to get your bedroom ready for the cooler months.

This blog was produced in partnership with Lorraine Lea.

Jessica Viscarde

Here in Australia, we are approaching the cooler months so it’s time to add those extra layers in the bedroom and get ready to snuggle up, whilst creating an effortlessly chic boudoir. I love to support local brands, especially Australian so I am delighted to be working with Lorraine Lea to show you my top picks from their brand new Autumn / Winter range and inspire some new ideas for your own bedroom.

My own interior style is quite eclectic (fancy that!) with a preference for a more neutral masculine aesthetic with a concentration on varying textual elements and deeper tones.


A tip when styling any bedroom is to pick your base colour, which will become the foundation for all the other styling elements in the bedroom. As the bed usually takes up most of the space in an average sized room, I like to start with selecting the quilt cover, as proportionally this is what you will see a lot of.

Within keeping of my interior style – eclectic – masculine with a touch of boho, I began with the Eton quilt cover which is a luxurious suede feel fabric with an interesting ribbed-style patchwork detail. The Eton quilt cover provides a fantastic neutral base in a mid-grey, ideal for the cooler months as it is soft and cosy to the touch, but can be used in the warmer months pared with lighter throws.

Grey is a fantastic choice for a base colour (as opposed to white) as it provides a neutral foundation in which you can add most colours or patterns too.

2. Choose your European pillow cases

Now, to achieve my eclectic mix and match look, I purposely chose a contrasting European pillow case from the Noni range. Personally, I prefer things not to match too literally, so I chose pillowcases from a different range. I love the Noni European covers as they have fringing detail with a small diamond-dot patten and the black worked perfectly with the Eton cover in grey.

Including European pillows in your bedroom styling is an absolute must in my opinion! Not only do they add structure to your bed, they  add height and help balance the decor with or without a bedhead. They are also ultra functional when you are in bed reading and relaxing.

“European pillows in your bedroom styling is an absolute must in my opinion” 

3. Time to layer up!

Now that I have my foundation colour sorted and have chosen the European pillows to compliment,  its time for the fun part – layering up the bed with cosy warm layers. In the Winter I like to add multiple layers to my bedroom styling as it creates an extra soft and snuggly aesthetic, I think it’s completely okay to include up to three layers on top of your quilt cover.

I used the Chinchilla throw rug which is a luxuriously soft faux fur style rug in silvery-grey tones which balanced the Eton quilt cover in grey. The darker tones in the Chinchilla throw also tied back to the black Noni euro pillows. I styled this length ways along the bed, up closer to the top, or you can just throw it over the end of the bed and create a really effortless, cosy look.

Next I added the Boucle throw rug in sand and layered this alongside the chinchilla to give a contrast in textures and tones. This throw rug has a more rustic texture with the natural variation of natural tones running through and finished with cute little tassels. It is extremely soft and helped to tie in the Carly wall hanging made from knotted cotton creating a contemporary macrame style wall piece.



4. Add scatter cushions

To tie in the natural tones of the Boucle rug I included the super fun Faux wool cushion cover in cream. It has a beautiful textual feel with the shaggy wool like strands, and soft suede feel on the reverse –  it makes such statement on the bed. It’s a really versatile cushion too, as you could easily use it in the living room on the sofa or occasional chair.

Next I complimented the look with a matching Chinchilla cushion to give extra warmth and cosy feel to the bed.

“I think it’s completely okay to include up to three layers on top of your quilt cover during Winter. 

5. Use a rug underfoot

Make getting out of bed in the cold mornings a tad bit easier by laying down a floor rug beside your bed. Whether you have floorboards or carpet, adding an extra layer underfoot with a contemporary floor rug such as the Margaret floor rug in Denim, gives a stylish and cosy touch to your bedroom. I love the Margaret floor rug as its a great size for a bedroom (127cm wide) and whether you choose the natural or denim colour it can be styled with a variety of looks. I like the natural jute texture and it adds to the sophisticated bohemian look for my bedroom.

This rug can be used beside your bed, in front of your bedside or popped at the end of the bed. Either way it will provide an excellent layering piece on the floor, providing warmth and style.

Embrace the cooler months and have fun experimenting with layers and textures to increase the cosy factor in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to layer different throw rugs on top of one another or introduce different colours and patterns. Remember to start with selecting your base colour, which is usually the quilt cover, and then layer on top of that with a scheme you love.

For more information on products visit Lorraine Lea here or find them on instagram @Lorraine.Lea

Jessica Viscarde

Creative Director, Eclectic Creative

Jess is a qualified Interior designer and currently resides in Melbourne Australia with her boyfriend and black rescue cat, Peggy. Texan born, Jess who grew up in South East Asia and has Italian, Irish and Danish heritage – she believes this culturally diverse upbringing has helped shaped her love for all things eclectic and formed her natural flair and talent for combining styles, colour and pattern. In her spare time, Jess loves gardening and travel, and basically anything to do with cats!

Connect with Jess Instagram: @jess_eclecticcreative

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