Hello! Im Jess.

“You’re not like everyone else. And your home shouldn’t be either.”

Hello! I’m Jessica Viscarde, a qualified Interior Designer + Stylist who specialises in residential projects and styling for small businesses. I seek to create warm, layered and inviting spaces that reflect the unique personality of my clients.

Whether I am helping you decorate your home, or styling products for your small business, each project is individually custom designed by me. Creating fresh, eclectic and unexpected looks is the signature style of my studio, Eclectic Creative. I regularly collaborate with local makers, builders, creatives and brands depending on what the design brief entails.

I’ve dedicated my life to combining creative passions with a solid foundation of education, skill and experience. I hold a university degree in Industrial Design, and combined this with training in Graphic and Interior Design. I have been in the design industry for over a decade and once worked as a Graphic Designer and Marketing assistant at IKEA.

I believe my design style and approach was formed by the diverse fusion of colourful cultures I have been so fortunate to have experienced. I was born Texas U.S.A and have a mixed family heritage (Danish, Italian, Australian, American) and am blessed to have travelled the world including living in South East Asia as a child.

Since opening Eclectic Creative in 2013 I have worked with countless clients and brands creating impressive, layered visuals and personality filled interiors. I offer a hands on approach with every project, and pay particular interest to the finer details.

I am an avid green-thumb, flower and cat lover and love historical architecture. My dream is to one day own my very own cottage to renovate and transform.