Hello 2016!

A brand spankin’ year is here and I am really excited to see where this year takes me both personally and professionally. Last year was a whirlwind of highs, a few lows (thats small business for you!) triumphs and tears, but one that created some amazing new creative content and pushed me both physically and creatively. Eclectic Creative worked with both established businesses, Freedom, West Elm, Oz Design Furniture, United Artworks, Cumulus Living… just to name a few and brand new ones such as Millie Archer, Siesta Home and Sanctuary Boutique Linen – creating some fabulous connections.

I started Eclectic Creative as a means to collaborate with other creatives and offer a series of complimentary design services to my clients. The past year I worked alongside photographers Suzi Appel, Sophie Timothy and Kate Hansen and Graphic Designer Jess Da Silva and has certainly reinforced the power of collaboration.




Im a visual nut and all round creative with a background in Graphic and Interior Design. I’ve also learnt I love to teach people, share the knowledge and have a great eye for picking talent and the up and comers. When I started my little ol’ blog Eclectic Medicine about 4 years ago (do any of you remember that one) I really loved to the idea to feature the ‘up-and-comer’s and the new kids on the block. I felt it was necessary, as I was (and am still) one of them… I guess it feels really close to my heart, and I especially know how hard it can be out there for a creative… and a sole-trader. So I’m toying with all the ideas in my head of extending this further and providing creative consultancy services to other creative small businesses, as well as collaborating with other creatives to deliver engaging content to the community. Is that something you’d be interested in? I’m thinking engaging, interactive workshops delivered in my friendly, super supportive approachable style and calling on a few of my friends in the industry to assist me.

I’d love to know what you think. But in the mean time, sign up for my newsletter below.

Be You! Always.